Before you make your decision, let me show you a sampling of what some people you may have heard of have said about me in the past.

Howard and I met in 1982. I was a puppy back then, and Howard was the rock star. There was no Internet, only print. When I speak these days to the 30-year olds who are writing newsletters, they just assume they can get anything published instantaneously. They don’t understand the ground breaking, earth-shattering things that Howard and others did to prepare the ground work for the young publishers in the industry today. We owe Howard a great debt. I am very appreciative.
** John Mauldin, author, www.investorinsight.com

I still remember The Ruff Times conventions. Those conventions are still missed to this day. There was a family atmosphere at the Ruff conventions that has never been duplicated. I pay tribute to Howard; it was a wonderful era in the ‘70s, ‘80s and into the ‘90s.
Mark Skousen, editor in chief of Forecasts and Strategies. www.markskousen.com

Howard has had such a wonderful impact on my life. He has a standing invitation to come to Costa Rica to do some light-tackle, jungle-lagoon fishing.
*** Dan W.

I’m sure you get many letters from your readers, but none may be quite like mine. You see, I’m writing you about my father and his long time devotion to your writings. Back in the 70′s he spoke about you so many times in our conversations that, quite frankly, I was quite sick of hearing about you! He followed your advice many times and prosperity followed him because of it. He read your own trials and troubles with great interest. Many years ago he became a lifetime subscriber, and I was impressed by the fact you honored his subscription when I wrote your service center about it. The story of your rise and fall financially was quite poignant, and shows how fickle money/wealth can truly be. After all, true riches lie in God, the family and friendships anyway.

My father turns 96 in a few months. I wanted to mention him to you so that you can see the span of generations you have influenced. While he has seen so many more things in his lifetime than you can imagine, the fact that he respects your view on money speaks volumes about your insights. I hope my letter gives you a lift today, even if you don’t need it.
***Beth R.

Thank you for the work that you do. I am 30 year old, and I learned about you several years ago from my Aunt. I found a used copy of your book How to Prosper During the Coming Bad Years even before the new edition came out; I even have a copy of Howard Ruff from A-Z. Your advice has served me well and I can’t thank you enough.
***Clint from AZ

“Besides containing excellent investment advice (I made over 60% on the most recent recommendation that I followed), it teaches more real world economics than any of the economics textbooks that I used in my classes during the last 40 years.”
R. Clites, Economics professor, Milligan College , TN

In 1970 I was attracted to the HOWARD RUFF philosophy and became a life time subscriber. I started following your advice and began the accumulation of small amounts of gold and silver, month by month. Now 40 years later, I have enough gold and silver to pay off my mortgage ($300K) by selling the metals that I own. Thanks for “hanging around.” You have made my life-time subscription a wise decision.
***Herb S.

Mr. Ruff has helped me make more money than any other broker, consultant, or advisor. I truly
appreciate his advice to buy mining stocks, and especially silver.
***Keith S.