Ruffonomic Principles


Ruffonomics is not a dry subject for academic economists to study, or compete with Socialism, Keynesianism or most any other “ism.” At its core, Ruffonomics tells every-day Americans what they should do to protect their family and their assets in any economic environment. It puts your family right at the center of your personal economic universe.

Ruffonomics will teach you what to do with your assets to protect yourself and your family. You will have a sound philosophy to help you figure out what to do with your wealth and income as it accumulates. It is written for Main Street not Wall Street.

When it comes to investing your money or protecting your assets, Ruffonomics is often not accepted by those who believe in conventional wisdom. Ruffonomics tells you that often opportunities are found in non-traditional areas. You can make a lot more money using a trend before it is generally accepted, than using one that is already established. Look to better the fundamental economic cycles, and look for the trends that occur within them.




The first principle of Ruffonomics is to become a Maverick Investor. Don’t get carried away by the herd. There are times to be with the herd; there are times to be away from the herd. Right now is a good time to be away from the herd.

A maverick is a bovine that leaves the herd—perhaps one out of a thousand. The maverick may feel alone at times, but the rest of the herd may be turned into hamburger if they follow conventional wisdom. The maverick at least has a chance!

The will practice Ruffonomics. Becoming a maverick OFTEN involves going against the grain and ignoring conventional wisdom. That’s precisely the attitude you need to have to be successful in these times of economic uncertainty.

Learn to Make Money in Any Economic Environment:

Ruffonomics will teach you how to determine the direction of the economy, and where we stand in the economic cycle. This is by far the most important information an investor can have. If you get that wrong, your investments will not work out. Will there be more inflation? Or less inflation? Is there a recession around the corner? Or an economic recovery? Will interest rates go up? Or down? First we must get those things right, or all else fails.

Once we know where we stand in the economic cycle, then we have to learn how to invest in it. Ruffonomics will teach you which investments move with each phase of the cycle and which do not. You must know which investments react favorably to inflation and which react favorably to deflation.

Fire Your Orthodox Financial Advisor If Necessary:

The promises that your financial advisor will make will be broken simply because they know which side their bread is buttered on. They are rewarded with commissions for giving you traditional Wall Street advice.

The maverick does not do what everyone else is doing. He doesn’t listen to Wall Street; in fact he may have to fire his orthodox financial advisor.

Because typical investment advisor follows the Wall Street crowd, by the time he figures out that the world has changed, it’s too late to make the necessary investment adjustments. The only way to survive financially will be to be a maverick.

That can be frightening at times. Fear of failure is the greatest single impediment to success and intelligent, profitable risk-taking. Those same fears exist in the average financial advisor. Education gives you courage to make the investment decisions that are right for you.



Ruffonomics will help you understand why it is important to function without being dependent on government or even your employer for benefits. Your best insurance policy is to become self-sufficient.

Eliminate Your Consumer Debt, Then Your Mortgage

Consumer debt is voluntary slavery! Too much of your money is committed to pay interest to institutions that loaned you money so you can buy another new car, a bigger house, a home theater, a vacation in an exotic place, or a cruise. If you have no such debt, you are not in bondage to monthly payments and your money can be used at your discretion.

Hard-earned income sent to lenders each month is a lost opportunity. It’s money that could be used more productively (to invest, to build commodity storage, to provide a cushion for you and your family, etc.). You can’t build real wealth if you are mired in consumer debt.

Debt is a way of life for most Americans. It seems next to impossible to avoid simply because almost any lending institution will loan you money to satisfy any transitory impulse. Debt and consumer spending are now considered positive economic indicators, and government policy is openly aimed at stimulating consumer debt.

Panic Proof Your Life by Storing Basic Commodities

Ruffonomics encourages you to have a commodity-storage program. It’s totally risk free. Food and water are obviously the most important. As the price goes up, it doesn’t matter because you bought and will consume it at the lower price. It’s totally risk free, simply because you can use it. It’s insurance you can use.

But don’t stop at food and water; look at all the commodities which are necessary for the orderly conduct of your family life. You ought to have extras of everything you use on a day-to-day basis.

In the final analysis there are certain things you might not be able to get at a price you want, when you want it. Those are the things you should protect against.

Live Independently From the Government or Your Employer

The maverick attitude says, “I’m going to make decisions for myself and my family. I will not depend on the government to secure my family. I will take care of my family. I will do the things that will protect us.

It is very seductive to want the government to take care of you so you don’t have to have that responsibility. But the government will do stupid things for you.

Adapt a philosophy of constant learning so you don’t have to depend on anyone else to make decisions for you.



Ruffonomics will teach you about capitalism. Capitalism is based on capitalizing income by turning a private business into a public company. The value is usually determined by some multiple of profits. It’s the way to create real wealth out of a private small business. If you had a store and were making shoes, maybe you wanted to set up a second store, so you would set up a corporation. You raise money by selling shares of the corporation and using that money to expand the operation.

Free enterprise means you can start any business you want, and succeed and enjoy the tangible rewards if you do it right, or fail if you do it badly. One of the most important Ruffonomics Principles to develop is the entrepreneurial maverick attitude. No one has your interest in their hands like you do. So don’t depend on someone else to make these for you. Take hold of your own destiny and of become an entrepreneur.

Considering Become an Entrepreneur

Ruffonomics will teach you the importance of taking charge of your personal destiny. The odds of being successful are great and your safety is even greater as you are not vulnerable to other people’s decisions that affect your life. The real guts of business success are the character, attitude and behavior of the entrepreneur.

The successful entrepreneur is truly another breed of cat. He has a compulsion for growth and success, and he is usually richer than those who work for someone else. He happily takes carefully calculated risks and the road to success is often paved with a failure or two. Don’t be afraid of failure; they are stepping stones, not stumbling blocks.



Old-fashioned morals are basic. Traditional families with mom, dad and kids are the strength of America. To live an old-fashioned moral life means that you love your God, your spouse and your family. It is important to be faithful to your spouse so you will have their trust and support.

This is an important Ruffonomics Principle. It is very difficult to attach this to financial matters or to understand what the relationship is, but it helps make you trustworthy. If you live a good, moral life your chances of success are much greater with the support of a spouse.

Organize and Unite Your Family

Organize your family so you are united and in tune with your values. At no time in history has traditional family unity been more important than now.

Have organized time to study teach the values you and your spouse have determined to live by. Then live the sermon you want your children to hear. You will be their role model and hero for the first several years of their lives. Don’t be afraid to be a parent and set the moral standard you want them to follow.



America was established by men who were inspired by God to do so. It is probably the most inspired group of men in history. Ruffonomics teaches that God has helped establish America. He is watching over us and will not let us fail as long as we maintain our righteousness as a nation. The moral decay of America is worrisome because God may lose patience with us. As long as we worship the God of this land as a nation, we will survive.

There are those who feel the constitution is outmoded; Ruffonomics teaches that the constitution was miraculous; God was involved in its design. Consequently, for the last 250 years there has not been a more prosperous and sacred place to live than America and the rest of the world knows this. Even those people who say they hate us would love to live here.



With all the economic problems of the day, if you are not an optimist, it could be very depressing. Some days it might not be easy to be optimistic, but learn and practice this principle. Like the famous song in the 1949 musical Look for the Silver Lining:

Look for the silver lining
When e’er a cloud appears in the blue.
Remember some where the sun is shining,
And so the right thing to do,
Is make it shine for you.

Opportunities to prosper are always available in any economic environment, but if you’re not an optimist you may never see them.