The Ruff Times is Legendary

If you have already read How to Prosper During the Coming Bad Years in the 21st Century then you know we are about to make a fortune in Gold & Silver, as we did in the past.

So, how will you stay on top of the market, know when and what to buy, and perhaps most importantly, how will you know when to SELL?

We will stay on top of metals and the stock market in the Ruff Times.
A paltry $215, the guaranteed cost of a fifteen-issue, one-year subscription plus weekly updates, will bring you a treasure trove of guidance and make you thousands of dollars. I’ve been right about most investments for 34 years, and I’m now 34-years smarter.

More than Just Gold & Silver

Before you decide to spend your hard-earned bucks on The Ruff times, it is only fair to tell you what you will get. It’s about a lot more than just gold and silver. It is unlike any other financial newsletter:

  • My first rule of business is a lot like the doctors Hippocratic oath: “Do thy patient no harm.” In my case, it’s “teach your clients how to not lose money.
  • This is not a stock market “tip sheet.” I do make specific stock recommendations , but more often there will be advice on what not to buy. You’ll get a lot of guidance on the direction of the markets in general, because a rising or falling tide raises or lowers all boats.
  • We will stay on top of gold and silver, and the related mining stocks, as we chronicle the coming gold rush.
  • There is an Investing for Income section . For retired people, this is crucial information to enjoy safe income in the age of Obamanomics. Social Security is a Ponzi scheme that may not be there when you really need it.
  • I am a teacher at heart. The economics you hear from Wall Street and Washington is usually swill. I will teach you real economics. If you don’t understand the economics of a market call, you shouldn’t do it.
  • I am not a member of the herd. In March, 2000, on the very day the Bull Market bubble was about to burst, more than 98% of the recommendations coming from Wall Street brokers were “buy” or “hold.” So what was I saying back then? For six months prior to the peak I was calling the market a “mania” and a “bubble,” and begging people to start “averaging out,” to a universal chorus of jeers. Then, starting in March, 2000, the Nasdaq index plunged more than 70% in three years, and the Dow Industrial Average fell more than 35%.
  • I have always measured my success by the money my subscribers didn’t lose, and it has been millions piled upon millions of dollars.
  • Government and politics are appropriate targets for a financial newsletter as Washington spending is 45% of the Gross National product, and the carnivorous craving of government to take your money and give it to those who weren’t willing to pay the price you did, is a terrible threat to all of us who aspire to be something more than a lockstep dependant of Uncle Nanny.
  • If you believe government must do more for us, rather than get out of your way, you will be uncomfortable here. If you believe we are under-taxed, you might as well go away now. I have a lot of respect for George W. Bush, but I am not a blind, partisan worshipper. He was a pillar of strength in the fight against terrorism and the defense of America, and a resolute fighter for tax cuts, but he also caved in to the big spenders, and this gave us the biggest deficits in the history of the known universe, even before Barack Obama.
  • I believe that the real heroes of our society are the entrepreneurs who, like Columbus, are willing to lose sight of the safe, known shore to search for better solutions to life’s problems. I write a lot for entrepreneurs, because I am one also, and so are several of our offspring. I believe that America is rooted in the stubborn failures of this world who are willing to pick themselves up, brush off the dust, and dive back into the business fray with undiminished enthusiasm. That is the real America.
  • What I write grows out of deeply held principles.

Well there I am. Now you know if you would like to give me a shot. As a matter of principle, if you try me and don’t feel I am for you, just ask me for your money back. You don’t have to explain why, and you can keep the FREE copy of my new book that comes with your subscription.