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Over my career as a financial author and publisher, I’ve developed my Ruffonomic Principles to help the average American family.

Ruffonomics is a set of common-sense financial principles; a way of wisely making (and keeping) real wealth. It’s not a dry academic subject for intellectual economists to debate nor is it a philosophy meant to compete with socialism, communism, libertarianism, Keynesianism, or Obamanomics. It doesn’t tell government or Wall Street what to do, but rather informs middle-class Americans how they should conduct their financial lives in order to create their own personal economy which can then bypass the negative forces of Obamanomics. At its core, Ruffonomics tells every-day Americans what to do to protect their family and their assets in any economic environment. It puts your family right at the center of your personal economic universe.

Ruffonomics renders Obamanomics (which is synonymous with European-style socialism) virtually irrelevant. Ruffonomics runs counter to conventional financial wisdom.

Basically I’m an optimist! I am grateful to live in America; it’s still the best country on the earth. Freedom still exists, even though it is currently under assault.

In January 2013, President Obama said that Medicaid and Social Security “free us to take the risks that make this country great. The commitments we make to each other – through Medicare, and Medicaid, and Social Security – these things do not sap our initiative; they strengthen us. They do not make us a nation of takers; they free us to take the risks that make this country great.”

Obamanomics is wrong! Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security do not free us to take the risks that make this country great. Freedom is not found in socialism, but in capitalism.

You should treat the government as the voracious enemy it is and do everything you can to legally keep your money away from them and use it to invest, to fund a business, to buy real estate and do all the other things that will lead you to wealth. And do it so government can only get their hands on the minimum amount possible of the wealth you have accumulated or will accumulate.

The years ahead will be a battle for the financial survival of the middle class. I’m not sure we can save the United States from the consequences of decades of poor decisions, but you can save yourself and create a safer path for your children and grandchildren.

It’s Time To Act

You must learn how to protect yourself and your family from the bad decisions that have been made and will continue to be made in Washington D.C. If you think government is the answer to your problems, you’re wrong. If you think they are looking out for your best interest, you’re wrong.

Your favorite entitlement program won’t end, but the money received will buy less and less as inflation ramps up, which it will!

Elected officials do not look out for your best interest; they look out for their own best interest – to be reelected. If anyone is going to look out for your best interest, it has to be you!

And I’m just the man who can help you fight against Obamanomics and become prepared to live without government entitlements of any kind. Sound impossible? It isn’t!

With decisions being made more and more by government, I am worried about the loss of freedom this will cause, and have decided I must use my remaining energy and resources to lead the march against socialism. I will not surrender to tyrannical power and you shouldn’t either!

That’s why I have created RuffonomicsU to help you learn what to do to act upon my Ruffonomic Principles. I have organized a group of talented faculty to help with your education so you can apply and prosper from these principles.

I have arranged special discounts on products and services with each of them. You will be able to choose from a variety of educational tools to learn at your own pace and in the priority that best suits your needs.

I want you to start your membership with RuffonomicsU now, so you can start learning how to function without being dependent on government or even your employer for benefits.

If we continue on the present path, America may not remain a land of the free; we continue to lose one freedom after another. You must properly educate yourself to learn how to govern life for yourself and your family to retain your freedom independent of what happens to this economy.

America may lose its freedom as a country, but you don’t have to live in bondage. Begin your membership to the RuffonomicsU NOW. Don’t get left behind!

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Learning Tools

The Internet has changed the way the world does business. I don’t pretend to know how it works, but my entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well and has partnered with those who do know. We have created a terrific website to connect those who know with those who want to know.

Listed below is general information on the faculty who are part of the RuffonomicsU. When you become a Member of RuffonomicsU, you will find detailed information about each faculty member and their organization. Many faculty members offer RuffonomicsU Members discounts on products they usually sell on their website at full price.

Cash Flow Banking ($199 Value)

Retire rich on the interest and fees you now pay to banks. You will learn how to add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your retirement funds by simply changing the way you finance major purchases. Make money when the stock market goes up, down or sideways. This powerful strategy will help you lock in market gains and be guaranteed to never lose money when the market goes down in value. Receive a Guaranteed Paycheck for Life: Turn your money into a river of cash flow that you are guaranteed never to outlive. Have more money to spend during your life and more wealth to leave to those you love or your favorite charity.

Stock Market Picks ($99 Value)

It has been a long time since I felt there was any conventional wisdom in stock-market investments. However, one of our faculty members has developed tools to make very sound investments. He has gone to great lengths to create a unique program that is very successful, and you will receive a one-year subscription to his service free ($99 value) with your RuffonomicsU Membership. You will be given a weekly pick with the optimal price to purchase and when to sell it.

Real Estate ($194 Value)

If you know what you are doing, real estate can again be a very good investment. The expert we have chosen will help you understand how to make money in real estate. You can select one of the comprehensive programs that works best for you. Their valuable resources will be your disposal, including a vast library of coaching videos free (up to a $97 value) with your Membership in RuffonomicsU. This will help guarantee that you reach new lengths on your road to financial freedom.

Online Marketing ($297 Value)

Our first of many entrepreneur faculty will teach you how to do on-line marketing. You can learn how to build a website, do audio and video podcasts, etc. Everything you will need to know about how to market your website is yours free with your Membership at RuffonomicsU ($147 Value). Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the country. You will find a lot of helpful information for those who want to start a small business.

Precious Metals ($99 Value)

David McAlvany and his team have a contrarian, in-depth approach to its analysis of monetary, economic, and geo-political events. Don has been a good friend since the early ‘80s. His son, David, is a very smart and has carried on Don’s integrity and attentiveness to his metals-investing clients.
We have also arranged a discount on The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor (MIA), a monthly newsletter written by Don. The regular price is $149; members of RuffonomicsU can subscribe for $99 ($50 savings)

Emergency Preparedness ($99 Value)

We’ve negotiated a 20% discount for you on emergency preparedness food, gear and supplies. As I’ve always said “Noah didn’t wait for it to rain before building the Ark.” We will also have additional items to help make sure you are prepared for any emergency.

The Ruff Times ($197 Value)

We will continue to publish The Ruff Times monthly with weekly commentary in the off-weeks. The current price for a new one-year subscription is $197 (a $98 savings).

Join RuffonomicsU

I have created RuffonomicsU to teach you to become independent of government control. You must learn how to arm yourself against the inevitable economic collapse. Fear of failure is the greatest single impediment to success and intelligent, profitable risk-taking.

We are currently working to add additional faculty members who will continue to drive the value of the RuffonomicsU up. We will announce new faculty members and benefits as they become available.

You can’t stay neutral. All noncombatants will be victims. Those who understand and act will find it astonishingly easy to make real money, even because of inflation. A few more aggressive and savvy Maverick Investors may become genuinely wealthy.

Knowing what to do is not enough. You must have courage to act on what you know. Most people will not jump into the appropriate markets until most or all of the profits have been taken and the appropriate investments have been widely publicized. Then it’s too late. The majority will become poorer.

If you are to be one of the few who become “richer” you must be willing to learn new investing principles for an inflationary economy. The beginning of wisdom is to know that there are things you don’t know. Not one American in ten thousand understands the realities of the economy today. Those who do will have an immense advantage over those who don’t.

The initial membership to RuffonomicsU is $497. But during the pre-launch you can become a Member of The RuffonomicsU for just $297. That’s a $200 savings. Each year you will be billed $297 per year for continued access, also a $200 savings.

Add it All Up

Here are the discounts and savings you will enjoy with your RuffonomicsU Membership. And that’s not counting the money you will make.

The Ruff Times $197
Investment Program $99
Real Estate Program $194
On-line Marketing Program $299
McAlvany Intelligence Advisor $47

In addition you will receive a 20% discount on all items bought from SurvivalBased as well as free video and podcasts, ebooks, coaching, special reports, etc. free of charge.

Activate your membership now to begin your education at RuffonomicsU. You must learn how to arm yourself against the inevitable economic collapse. Fear of failure is the greatest single impediment to success.

This Pre-Launch Special of only $397 will be available for a week. We only have 200 spots available at this price. We anticipate these spots to sell out in a week. Once we’re sold out this offer won’t be available and the price will go up.

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