Question: What is Ruff Times?
Answer: You will find information about us and our newsletter here.

Question: How do I change/update my email, standard-mail address or change/update my password?
Answer: Log into the website with your Username and Password then click the “MANAGE ACCOUNT” link. Click “Edit Profile.” You may change any of your personal information here.

Question: What if I forget my User Name and Password?
Answer: Visit the website and click “Forgot your Password?” on the login page. Enter the email address you used to subscribe. Your Username and Password will be emailed to you. If you can’t remember your email or do not receive a response, send an email to webmaster@rufftimes.com. We will email you your login info.

Question: How do I find out when my subscription expires?
Answer: Log into the website with your Username and Password then click the “MANAGE ACCOUNT” link. Your expiration date is listed here. Your expiration date is also printed in your subscription receipt.

Question: How often will I receive a newsletter issue?
Answer: Approximately every three weeks, 15 times a year or more often if news or the markets dictate.

Question: Can I access a back issue?
Answer: Yes. Several years of archived issues are available in the Members Only Section of the website.

Question: Can I receive a copy of Howard’s latest book if I live outside the US?
Answer: We don’t currently ship outside the US. However, an audio version will be available to download with your subscription.

Question: I haven’t been receiving notifications when the new newsletter is posted. How can I find out why?
Answer: Log into the website with your Username and Password then click the “MANAGE ACCOUNT” link. Click “Edit Profile.” Please verify that your email address is correct. Next, check the SPAM settings with your ISP or e-mail provider. Be sure to “whitelist” rufftimes.com to prevent the newsletter from being caught as SPAM.

Question: What if I have a question or comment about an article or content in the newsletter?
Answer: Send an email to service@rufftimes.com and we will help you.

Question: If I’m not satisfied with the newsletter do you offer a money back guarantee?
Answer: Yes. If you purchased the 1 year premium subscription ,you can receive a full refund immediately upon request without giving a reason if your request is received at any time within 90 days, before your third 8-page issue is sent, and you can keep all the issues you’ve received, plus the free premiums. Sorry, no money back guarantee is available on Quarterly or Monthly subscriptions, as well as book purchases.

Question: What if I purchased a Monthly or Quarterly subscription and wish to cancel?
Answer: Your subscription will be automatically renewed monthly or quarterly based on the type of subscription you purchased. You may cancel at any time.

Question: How many issues will I receive if I selected the “Monthly subscription”?
Answer: We publish every 3 weeks. Therefore, some calendar months will include two publications, while others will include one publication.

Question: Who do I contact if I have a technical problem that isn’t answered here?
Answer: Send an email to webmaster@rufftimes.com and we will respond to your specific question.

Question: I receive an email, but the page is blank, or I get garbled text. How do I solve this?
Answer: Please consult the “HELP” section of your email software. The Ruff Times is sent as HTML. You need to enable HTML on your e-mail software.