I love catfish! I love to fish for catfish in Utah Lake. I can fry up a tasty catfish dinner for my family; and The Catfish Place in St. Cloud, Florida is my favorite restaurant to eat catfish.

It is annoying to me that catfish is no longer related to a great day in a fishing boat or a tasty meal at a good restaurant, but is now a pathetic reality show about relationships happily created through various means of social media.

Now a “catfish” creates fake profiles online and pretends to be someone they’re not by using someone else’s pictures and information to get another person to fall in love with them. Good ‘ol Nev Schulman and friends help couples who have never met in real life find out if their relationship is the real deal or not. There is usually a sucker on one end of the line.

Life Isn’t a Reality Show

It’ isn’t easy for the today’s youth to be grounded in reality. They can logon to various social media and disappear from who they are and become who or whatever they want to be. They create “friends” who “like” them and “block” anyone who might throw a disapproving comment their way. They can disappear into computer games to become a villain or a hero, a rock star or a sexy model. Reality is almost never a part of the equation. It’s easy to get hooked on the drug of distraction with all its created lies, and too often unhealthy behaviors creep in that lead to horrific news stories and shattered lives.

There are just as many (hopefully more) of the rising generation who see beyond the internet follies and become the able-bodied warriors who will save this country, if it is to be saved. Voters aged 25-35 overwhelmingly supported Ron Paul in the 2012 election. And though that shows a lack of understanding on their part, they are figuring out the importance of living life independent from government control.
As the groundswell begins on my program to live free from entitlements, this youth group will become invaluable. We will need their energy to lead the march against socialism. We will need their strength in Congress to make decisions to return us to a principled nation. We will need their courage to start and run businesses. And we will need their faith in God to know that nothing is impossible.
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