Give Thanks

Thanksgiving Day is the most American of all holidays. It was instituted as a national holiday so Americans could give thanks to God for our blessings. That is now politically incorrect to mention God, but the Ruff family still gathers together to count our blessings. A number of our families will come to my daughter [...] Read more »

Servant or Master?

The Apostle Paul is credited with that sage admonition, “the love of money is the root of all evil.” He didn’t say money, but the love of money. Money itself and the misplaced love of money indeed live up to their reputation as a two-edged sword. Money misunderstood can lead to misery instead of happiness. [...] Read more »

Rules to Avoid Debt Trouble

Over the years I’ve evolved 7 rules to keep you out of consumer-debt trouble. Follow these and you can redirect a good portion of your hard earned money into investments to guarantee your future. Here are my “sacred seven:” Borrow only to buy a home and one car, and in an emergency, to replace a [...] Read more »

Chicken Soup

I was traveling over Donner Pass from California. On the way up the hill, I followed a big-rig truck. Suddenly the truck was pulled off to the side of the road, and a big burly man, carrying a big bat, ran to the back of the trailer and started beating on it. I followed behind [...] Read more »

Food Storage: A Primer

Dear Friends, There have been more natural disasters in the last few years than any world should experience. They can happen anywhere at any time. It is important to panic proof your life! Natural disasters could be a lot less stressful if each member of your family had a 72-hour kit filled with essentials for [...] Read more »